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The Magical Book for Answers™

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Intriguing, inspiring and enormous fun to use, The Magical Book for Answers™ has the solution to all the questions of daily life.

How to use The Magical Book for Answers™

  1. Hold the closed book in your hand, on your lap or on a table.
  2. Take ten or fifteen seconds to concentrate on your question. Questions should be phrased in the following style:
  • 'is the job i'm applying for the right one?' or,
  • 'should i travel this weekend?'
  • While visualizing or speaking or shouting out your question (one question at a time), place one hand palm on the book's front cover and stroke the edge of the pages, back to front for 3 seconds.
  • When you sense the time is right, simply open the book and there will be your answer.
  • Repeat the process for as many questions as you have.

With a solution on every page, The Magical Book for Answers is intriguing, inspiring and enormous fun to use. It's also the perfect gift.

Like the Sorting Hat and Invisibility Cloak, The Magical Book for Answers has been enchanted with magic that will tell you the truth and your future when being asked.

If you’re curious about your future, or whether you’ll get that promotion or land that account, buy a new car or tell your mother-in-law what you really think of her cooking, you can expect superb guidance from The Magical Book for Answers.

The perfect gift for questioners of all types and stripes, The Magical Book for Answers is for anyone who’s got a burning question…“and that’s the answer."

Book Features:
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages of answers
  • 6 inch x 4 inch x 2.2 inch | 514g

Wand Features:
  • 14 Inch long
  • 0.7 Inch (Width)
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